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ACC Football Week #1: Preview

Here we go. The silly season comes to end as we get real games to consider and speculate on.

ECU at #9 Virginia Tech

Let me go on record as saying that I think there is way too much stock put into the power of Hokie football as it relates to the events of last April. Let me also point out that the power of Hokie football is going to be way too much for ECU to handle.

Virginia Tech 45 ECU 6

Marshall at Miami

Is it too easy to assume Miami will win this game considering they are playing at home even though the QB situation is somewhat in flux? Sure why not.

Miami 21 Marshall 14

UConn at Duke

Some are calling this Duke's best chance to beat someone...anyone this season. Then again some guy called up David Glenn this afternoon and said was predicting Duke would go 6-6. Let's just say Glenn did really well not to laugh uncontrollably at this guy suggesting Duke would be Georgia Tech and either FSU or Miami. Since I predicted Duke would lose every game last season I am content to keep predicting Duke losses until I get proven wrong.

UConn 20 Duke 16

Virginia at Wyoming

Welcome to the Hot Seat Season of Al Groh! If I recall these two played last season and scored like 12 points total or something of that nature. UVa goes on the road for this one and since I have no idea about Wyoming I am going to go with the Cavs on this one.

UVa 14 Wyoming 10

Georgia Tech at Notre Dame

The Jackets almost beat the Irish in Atlanta last season in a game which pretty much exposed ND as a fraud being ranked #2. This season ND is not benefiting from the media fawning over them and the Jackets defense is pretty good. GT wins this one in South Bend.

Georgia Tech 28 Notre Dame 20

Wake Forest at Boston College

Now we are cooking with kerosene. The beauty of college football is one game can set your destiny for the season. Granted whoever loses this game is not done in their quest to win the Atlantic Division but they are sitting in a very bad position. Aside from that, this should be a good game plain and simple. BC has Matt Ryan and a new coaching staff who will be letting the senior QB go a bit. Wake is Wake with all of the delightful wrinkles Jim Grobe installs in an offense. Should be fun!

Boston College 33 Wake Forest 30

Villanova at Maryland


Maryland 35 Villanova 18

Central Florida at NC State

The debut of the Tom O'Brien Wolfpack. The question is how much they will resemble the Tom O'Brien Boston College Eagles. Probably not that much. The Pack have great running backs but must get consistent play from Daniel Evans at QB. In this game there should not be any problems Evans can't handle and we can only hope UCF George O'Leary is truthful in the press conference afterwards.

NC State 24 UCF 10

James Madison at UNC

The Butch Davis era starts off a winner. Full preview later.

UNC 31 JMU 14

#19 Florida State at Clemson

Bowden Bowl. Given the turmoil of the Atlantic this game like the one in Chestnut Hill is going to place someone in a bad spot. Tommy Bowden is dealing with a possible hot seat situation and I have to think if FSU has a season like they did last season, Seminole Nation is going to start asking questions as well.

FSU 24 Clemson 22