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ACC Now's UNC Preview

J.P. Giglio at ACC Now has his preview up for the 2007 version of the gridiron Tar Heels. Giglio basically hits on the key areas which including defensive line, the well known QB situation and what could be a disaster in the making: the backfield. Given all the uncertainty it is no surprise there is a fairly decent gap between the following scenarios:

Best-case scenario

• They go 5-7 if Yates does the smart thing and finds Nicks and Quinn as often as humanly possible, a running back emerges and the defense doesn't let every game turn into a track meet. James Madison is a given (right?) and if Davis continues Bunting's mastery of N.C. State and Duke, there might be two more wins to be found (Maryland, East Carolina).

Worst-case scenario

• They go 2-10 if the running game seems as bad as it does on paper, Yates and Paulus ride the same yo-yo Sexton and Dailey did last year and the defense gets charred six ways to Sunday. Then there's the reality that Tom O'Brien figures out that his roster is better than UNC's and the Heels could be so beat down mentally by Nov. 24 that even Duke poses a threat.

Realistic scenario

• They go 3-9 with the James Madison/Duke opener/closer combo and a Super Bowl over either Miami or Spurrier at Kenan.

I am presently leaning towards a four win season but I am also waiting to see how the rest of preseason camp goes to reach a complete conclusion. I also do not think Davis will put Yates and Paulus on a yo-yo. Davis strikes me as a coach who will go with one starter(probably Yates) and if he decides to go to Paulus then that decision will stand until the end of the season. It is also my opinion that this team will get better as the season progresses and since I am not really concerned with wins this season I would gladly take 4-8 with wins over SCAR and NC State.