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At Some Point I Am Going to Let This Go

From the Charlotte Observer blog Observations from the 50 Yard Line:

Sexton: Davis adjusting offense to his players

It’s not a revolutionary concept, but quarterback Cameron Sexton said a subtle change in philosophy on offense could lead to better production for North Carolina in 2008.

Sexton said first-year coach Butch Davis is molding the offense to the strengths of the players rather than vice versa. "We’ve adjusted the offense to the players," Sexton said. "We’ve really done a good job of saying, ‘This is what we’re good at. And this is who is good at that position. Let’s find a way to get him the ball, not make him adjust to what we want to do.’ "

Yeah, it's such a basic and obvious concept and the Coach Who Shall Not Be Named failed to grasp it in six years. Reason #11754 that I am glad Butch Davis is head coach now.