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Butch Davis Will Answer Your Questions Tomorrow

At least concerning the QB situation which ACC Now says will be hammered out on Thursday following the Wednesday evening scrimmage:

"I met with all the quarterbacks together, and talked to them about the process,'' Davis said Wednesday. " "And as I said the other day ... rather than a rush to judgment and pick the wrong guy and all of those things, it’s really going to be based on a body of evidence. This is about last spring, this is about the summertime, this is about the preseason training camp, and it’s about every single day.

"And as I told all four of the quarterbacks, just because the pecking order as of tomorrow may be one, two, three, four, that doesn’t etch anything in stone. The expectations I have for all of these guys is that they get better every day. 'One' will only remain 'one' as long as he continues to grow and get better and perform. Then if 'two' grows and gets better faster than No. 1, then 'two' becomes No. 1. I think the number one objective by our entire football team, and our coaching staff, is to have two guys who can be prepared, ready to play, in the season opener, and I think we will be there."

Now on one hand, Davis is going to officially set the order but on the other hand he is not etching it in stone. It sounds as though there is still some wiggle room on who will actually be the starter. I am not saying this is a bad thing. If it becomes clear the the 'two' will help the team better than the 'one' then a change should be made. My concern is with the fact no one has put themselves ahead of his peers. This leads me to believe that while one of them is ultimately good enough to start for this team, as a group of QBs they are at best average in comparison to the rest of the ACC. In other words there is no way on earth UNC is sitting on three elite QBs. And based on Davis' comments about looking for a mistake free QB he knows this is the case. He has stated that he is not necessarily interested in the big playmaker but the consistent signal caller. The reason behind that thinking might lie with the fact the expectation of production from the QB is somewhat limited and the best way to maximize that production is to make sure the guy you have in there is not prone to do stupid things with the football.

Ultimately I am not interested in a QB carousel though my disdain for that type of situation might get better if the operator runs it more competently than last season.