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Confidence Does Not Equal Touchdowns

One quick note. I am probably spending more time reading about practice than writing about it at this point. I see no need to rehash what Tar Heel Blue has already written since it speaks for itself and it also what I consider to be "state run" media. In other words they are not going to tell you anything other than the unvarnished positive truth. However there some nuggets from the practice notes which pique my interest like this one here:

From a media perspective, Cam Sexton has turned into the forgotten man in the three-way quarterback battle behind T.J. Yates and Mike Paulus. Sexton quietly made some mechanical adjustments after what he admitted was a "struggling" spring, but he has also improved his leadership skills. "I know what guys are looking for from me," he says. "Leadership is confidence. Guys appreciate someone who comes in the huddle and is knowledgeable. If they see confidence, they will respond to that."...Sexton's evaluation of the quarterbacks after four days of practice: "Right now I'm taking the reps with the 2's. T.J. is taking the 1's, and I think Mike Paulus and Ben Johnson are splitting up the 3's." The status of those players next week at this time is likely to be much more revealing about their playing time potential...

In my opinion, teammates respond to a QB who executes plays and gives his fellow players the sense he will facilitate the offense in a productive manner. This is an even more important quality since Butch Davis has made it know than the QB competition will be largely determined on which QB can run the offense with the fewest mistakes. I appreciate his confidence in the huddle and that does set a tone but the players in that huddle also need to believe that the confidence they are seeing is going to translate into making plays and more importantly not making mistakes. I also do not see how this was an "improvement" on Sexton's leadership skills when I recall him being tabbed as a confident player last season as well.

We also got a glimpse of the early running order in the QB race. Coming into fall practice T.J. Yates was in front and appears he is still there. Sexton has placed himself in the backup spot with Mike Paulus and Ben Johnson filling out the order. I personally think it will be Yates though I am not so sure Paulus is quite out of the picture even though he is working with the third string at present. Sexton might be the odd man out when it is all done, that is assuming the media's two QB focus is correct.