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Davis Aiming for Saturday QB Decision

From Robb Pickeral at ACC Now:

North Carolina's top three quarterback contenders -- T.J. Yates, Cameron Sexton and Mike Paulus -- continued to take equal snaps during practice, coach Butch Davis said Tuesday, as the coaches try to sort out who will be their starter.

Davis said he is still aiming for a Saturday decision.

"Every day is revealing, every drill,'' he said Tuesday. "We had our first two-minute drill [today]. We’ve had blitz drills every day. How a quarterback performs under pressure is a huge part of the decision-making process -- do they make good decisions with the football? Sometimes the best decision they could make is to throw the ball away."

As I said before, I like the fact this decision is being made as soon has humanly possible so the team knows and there is not some protracted period of rampant speculation in the media.