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I Think This is Getting Old

Steve Spurrier once again cast a vote in the ESPN/USA Today coaches poll for Duke who has gone almost three years without beating a IA opponent. From the AJC:

"It's a vote for a school that has been special to me and my family," said Spurrier, who won an ACC championship at Duke in 1989. "They hired me when I didn't have job. I've been doing it for about 15 years and all of a sudden they want to make a big deal out of it."

First of all, if I remember correctly, Duke was co-champions of the ACC with Virginia in 1989 who beat the Devils 49-28 that season.

Secondly, they just didn't start making "a big deal out of it." They made a big deal about it last year and it will continue to be an issue because there is so much furor surrounding the credibility of the polls it only further demeans the process.

Third, I love how he acts like he was washed up as a coach when Duke hired him back in 1987 even though he had already been an assistant coach at Duke prior to taking a head coaching job in the USFL. After the USFL folded up Spurrier took a year off and then was named head coach at Duke. Since he had been there previously and was coming off a three year stint as a pro coach I am sure Duke was falling all over themselves to snatch Spurrier up.

And finally, I would question anyone who considers Duke "special." Excuse me while I go vomit at the thought.