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QB Decision Day?

Not so much according to Robbi Pickeral at ACC Now:

"Announcing a decision [Saturday], I can almost tell you 'absolutely not,’ because we’ll be grading the film ,’’ said Davis, who has scheduled a closed scrimmage Saturday. "All day Sunday, the players are going to have the time off to go to church, and we’ll come in late Sunday afternoon and there will be a little bit of a lift and a little bit [of] running and we’ll spend a lot of time teaching from that scrimmage film.

"And if we feel comfortable, if we feel we’re ready, we’ll announce it. And if we don’t, we may wait until Monday or Tuesday."

Undoubtedly a great deal is riding on what each QB does in the Saturday scrimmage and it makes sense the coaching staff wants to do a thorough review before making a final decision on the starter.