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ACC Football Week #2: Preview

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A handful of major out of conference matchups dominate the schedule and have the potential of making the ACC look rather bad by comparison.

Miami at #5 Oklahoma

Randy Shannon will find out he is not in Kansas anymore and the honeymoon was basically one week. The Sooners are at the top of their game and as far we know do not have any players who spent the summer playing XBox in some car dealership staff lounge. Now we find out if Shannon can do more with the Canes than Coker did. With a significant weakness at QB I think not.

Oklahoma 35 Miami 20

Duke at Virginia

This is going to be ugly and if UVa displays any kind of offense it is going to highlight just how atrocious the Duke defense is.

Virginia 35 Duke 3

Nebraska at Wake Forest

Off the field Wake decided to cash in and sell the naming rights to Grove Stadium to BB&T. Now it is called BB&T Field. I am not sure it will help. If Riley Skinner were playing at QB I would be inclined to give Wake more of a chance here. At the same time Wake does a lot of things well that are not dependent on specific personnel but following the system. I think Wake will continue to find 2007 more difficult than 2006.

Nebraska 20 Wake Forest 16

LA-Monroe at #25 Clemson
Maryland at Florida International
UAB at Florida State

Cupcakes for all! Should be a nice stroll for Clemson, Maryland is going to cross the ocean or something like that to smack FIU around(but not literally) and FSU will try their level best to produce some kind of offense.

Clemson 42 UL-M 10
Maryland 35 FIU 13
FSU 41 UAB 14

#9 Virginia Tech at #2 LSU

First of all this game begins at the ridiculous time of 9:22 PM which means if you make it to the end of this game it will be about 12:30 AM or later. Thanks a lot ESPN. Secondly, anyone want to lay odds on whether ESPN will swarm us with tragedy stories from both teams. Here you have Katrina versus the VT shootings which means the folks at ESPN are probably beside themselves at the possibility of so many angles to explore during the game. Please just focus on the football. I am begging you.

LSU 24 VT 14

NC State at Boston College

One thing I noticed after last week's game was how much everyone extolled the fact that Matt Ryan was playing in an offense that was not Tom O'Brien's system. Most folks seemed to be of the opinion that Ryan is now in a position to be a quality QB now that he is not being restricted by O'Brien's system. Of course O'Brien's system was a winner just not very exciting and after seven years of Amato, State fans will take it. Unfortunately they will have to wait at least another week for the chance to see Tom O'Brien win a game as Wolfpack head coach.

Boston College 33 NC State 16

North Carolina at East Carolina

I do not have a good feeling about this one. The defense ECU showed last week in Blacksburg worries me to no end and the fact we have not defined running game.

ECU 21 UNC 13

Record Last Week: 7-3
Record This Season: 7-3