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ACC Football Week #2: Review

To quote a reader(and good friend of mine) from the comments section:

You know it’s a bad year in the ACC when even Va Tech is wondering when basketball season starts already!!

Let me go on record and say that Caulton Tudor pessimism was not incorrect it was simply premature. Somewhere John Swofford is in dire need of either stiff drink or some kind of narcotic. In the rush to expand the ACC we ended up with Miami and FSU who are almost at "also ran" status and while VT is serviceable as a national power they appear to be a tier below the national big boys at this time.

LSU 48 Virginia Tech 7

That is not a good sign as far as the ACC is concerned. Sean Glennon may be done under center in Blacksburg which means five of the 12 ACC teams have had a different QB run the team in the second game than the first. NC State made the change last week, Wake lost Skinner to injury, Miami is playing QB shuffle, UVa changed QBs against Duke and Frank Beamer yanked Glennon in favor of a freshman. We all knew the QB situation was weak and as a result the league would struggle. However I am not sure anyone envisioned a situation where the Hokies would go to Baton Rouge and get crushed by 41.

Oklahoma 51 Miami 13

Yeah, Miami is not good. That is embarrassing. That is on the same level as The Coach Who Shall Not Be Named when he played Oklahoma. Welcome to the big time Randy Shannon.

Virginia 24 Duke 13

Does only beating Duke by 13 make the hot seat hotter? Given that some UVa message boards are already exploring other coaches as possible replacements for Al Groh I would say that a loss in Chapel Hill next week is going to hurt in a variety of ways. Given the way UNC is playing offensively and the fact UVa does not have one, next week should be lots of fun.

Nebraska 20 Wake Forest 17

Wake got hosed on a pass interference non-call at the end. Nevertheless the Demon Deacons are finding this season to be starkly different from the last one. Of course one has to wonder how this game would have gone had Riley Skinner been healthy.

Clemson 49 LA-Monroe 26
Georgia Tech 69 Samford 14
Maryland 26 Florida International 10

Since I one of my biggest pet peeves is people slowing down to look at accidents thus slowing down traffic I will refrain from slowing down this post to talk about these train wrecks except to say I thought GT was going to hang 90 on Samford at one point this afternoon.

Florida State 34 UAB 24

I am still not convinced that FSU is any better especially because they should have beaten UAB senseless. Michigan State did last week, FSU should have done the same. Not a good sign.

Boston College 37 NC State 17

NC State's Harrison Beck transferred from Nebraska, became the starting QB and then proceeded to throw INTs like he was getting paid for them. Anyone heard of that happening before? Anyone? The last guy I know of that followed that course is now a backup wide receiver at UNC. Maybe Beck will be better than Joe Dailey but if it turns out that he is following the same path then I have nothing but sympathy for Wolfpack fans. This was not a good homecoming for Tom O'Brien and BC looks every bit like the best team in the ACC on both sides of the ball.

East Carolina 34 UNC 31

Easily the most entertaining game of the day in the conference and unfortunately another loss for the ACC out of conference.

Record This Week: 10-0
Record This Season: 17-3