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ACC Football Week #3: Review

It is so easy being wrong....

Boston College 24 Georgia Tech 10

First of all let me just state that Boston College is the best team in the ACC. I erroneously backed Georgia Tech in my weekly picks believing their defense to be the supreme factor in the equation despite the issues on offense when the Jackets are not handing the ball of to Tashard Choice. Matt Ryan is good enough to overcome the dominant deed in Atlanta and the Eagles snagged a huge road win in the ACC.

Virginia 22 UNC 20

I was actually very close to being right except I picked UNC to win 24-20. Do I get half credit for picking someone would score 20?

Duke 20 Northwestern 14

The penguins you saw boarding the number six bus to hell should have been your first clue this was happening. The more interesting part of this is the fact that presently Duke has more I-A wins this season than both UNC and NC State.

...but with games like these, you cannot help but be right.

West Virginia 31 Maryland 14
Clemson 38 Furman 10
Virginia Tech 28 Ohio 7
Miami 23 FIU 9
Wake Forest 21 Army 10
NC State 38 Wofford 17

Florida State 16 Colorado 6

And in the taking care of business division Maryland did a great job, in my opinion, of keeping West Virginia under 40 then again it was another loss versus the Big East. Virginia Tech struggled to deal with Ohio before putting together some kind of offensive production. Miami beat FIU and no one was the victim of felony assault. Wake Forest won over Army with fewer points that I thought they would have. I am not sure if that means the Wake Forest offense is more troubled than we thought. Furman finds playing teams in South Carolina is inherently harder than playing ones in North Carolina. Florida State will be receiving a fruit basket from John Swofford for actually going out and winning a game versus a BCS team. And NC State broke their nine game losing streak while scoring more than 24 points in the process, the latter being something they have not done in two years. The Pack still has gone a full year without beating a I-A team and Harrison Beck is still not a good QB despite the lack of INTs.

Record This Week: 7-3
Record This Season: 24-6