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ACC Week #1: Review[UPDATED]

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Like college football fans everywhere I am ecstatic we have football to watch after a long summer. The ACC games were great with most of the league schools winning and in terms of North Carolina schools Appalachian State takes the cake with their upset of Michigan.

Clemson 24 Florida State 18[Added 9/4]

Clemson played this game in much the same way they have played the past few seasons. They were dominating early then all of sudden they start cruising until the wheels nearly come off. And time will tell if everyone's clamoring for an FSU revival was deserved or not but I can honestly say Bobby Bowden looks like death warmed over. Seriously, when is the FSU fan base going to wake up and smell the Metamucil?

Virginia Tech 17 ECU 7

Before the season there was a lot of talk about how high on the list of concerns the Hokie offensive line should be. After watching this one I would say right to the top of the list and perhaps even 2nd and 3rd as well. Sean Glennon was sacked four times, Brandon Ore only had 64 yards rushing and the offense was fairly below average. The pundits are all saying there was too much emotion(or as they call it at Duke "emotional fatigue") and the players/coaches were distracted with things like Frank Beamer having to do so many interviews. From where I sit, if the media would back off and stop hyping the tragedy angle then Beamer could have focused on the game and the emotional level would have been closer to normal. So if Hokie fans want someone to gripe about, gripe about the media for sensationalizing the tragedy aspect. Also blame your O-line because I think they need help.

Miami 31 Marshall 3

Is Miami back? Not sure about that yet but they looked good today.

UConn 45 Duke 14

Let me point out that according to everyone who has an opinion and an outlet to express it(with the exception of me) this was Duke's best chance to win a game this season. If a 45-14 loss was their best chance then the rest of the season is going to be something akin to the fourth circle of hell. Duke loses for the 21st straight time. The question I have is how bad App State would beat Duke if they played.

Wyoming 23 UVa 3

Does UVa have an offense? I mean seriously that was awful. Anyone who said Al Groh was NOT on the hot seat would be very wrong right now.

Georgia Tech 33 Notre Dame 3

NBC must be thrilled that they get to broadcast Notre Dame home games knowing there is a good chance they are going to lose most of them. In fact I heard Doug Flutie say ND could start off 0-8. Ouch! Nice win for the Jackets though and nice to see the ACC represented so well. Somewhere Rudy is rambling on about how in his day they never lost to Georgia Tech.

Boston College 38 Wake Forest 28

Finally someone knows that to do with Wake Forest. The Deacons are still going to be a good team but this day belonged to BC and following a few early jitters Matt Ryan came to life for 408 yards passing as BC staked an early lead in the Atlantic Division. The shame for BC and Ryan is no one is Boston cares at this point since a rookie Red Sox pitcher tossed a no hitter....not that they really cared anyway which explains why Tom O'Brien is in Raleigh. Speaking of which....

Central Florida 25 NC State 23

I am not sure what the difference between this version of the Pack and last season is. NCSU failed to break the 24 point mark and committed bad penalties at crucial times. When it all said and done, NC State will be a good team, if not this season for sure in the near future. However I think this loss probably stings Wolfpack fans pretty hard mainly because they had the same level of expectation as UNC fans did with Butch Davis and they unfortunately were not rewarded the same way. If it is any consolation to NC State fans, it is probable UCF coach George O'Leary will lie about the result on his resume.

Maryland 31 Villanova 14

Another blue collar effort from the Terps in beating Villanova. Maryland was efficient but a little turnover prone.

UNC 37 James Madison 14

How about them Heels. Pretty much the opposite of what happened in Raleigh.

Record this week: 7-3