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An Idea for the Duke Football Job

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Apologies to Ted Roof on this one but everyone knows he is a dead man walking at this point.

Tar Heel Wife is a huge reality TV show fan so I have seen enough of them to know that they will make a reality show about almost anything. So in light of this incredible willingness to exploit people using the most asinine idea let me propose the following:

Given the state of Duke football and the possibility that is going to be tough getting any good coach to step into the smelly pile of feces which is Blue Devil football I suggest the next head coach in Durham should be found using a reality TV show. Honestly, what do the Devils have to lose at this point? Take 10-20 head coaches from high school, D-I-AA, II and III and pit them in a series of competitions to test their skills as a head coach with America voting to decide who goes home. You can get a three person judging panel which almost certainly would have to include either Bobby Bowden or Joe Paterno as the witty but brutal overcritical voice on the panel. Bob Davie would be a good choice so he can give us constant comparisons to how he did things at Notre Dame before they summarily dismissed him and you could round out the panel with the AD from Florida since it is painfully obvious to the rest of us he is one of the few ADs in the country who knows what he is doing.

Whoever wins the competition would get a five year contract and the satisfaction of knowing America voted him to take over the worst program in I-A college football.

I am shocked no one at ESPN has thought of this.