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Fear the Mountaineers

No one gave Appalachian State a prayer going to Ann Arbor. It was seen as a great experience and all App State needed to worry about was not losing someone for the season. Turns out everyone was wrong as the Mountaineers knocked off #5 ranked Michigan 34-32 which raises two questions:

1. Is Appalachian State the best college football team in the state of North Carolina? ECU played Va Tech tight today, Wake Forest is up 14-7 on Boston College in the first quarter. UNC and NC State take the field in two hours. It is hard to argue with knocking off a Big Ten power who was presumably in the thick of the national title hunt.

2. How long is it going to take Michigan to recover from losing to Ohio State ten months ago? The Wolverines were lackluster in their bowl game and in their opener they allow a team from the lower division in NCAA football to take them down in their own house.

So many congratulations to Mountaineer Nation on being the Chaminade to Michigan's Virginia.