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Guest Commentary: Tar Heel Daughter #2

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Author's Note: In light of UNC's great win over James Madison yesterday I have asked 22 month old Tar Heel Daughter #2 to offer her thoughts on the season opening win.


Okay, listen up. I am supposed to be in bed now but Daddy insisted I offer my comments on UNC's opening win over James Madison. He said it could work in my favor when I send my application to Chapel Hill in 15 years. Anyway, I came downstairs yesterday and found Daddy was watching a football game on the computer. He said something about ESPN Free 60 or some such nonsense. All I know is I have been hanging around Daddy since I arrived from Korea 16 months ago and he usually watches the UNC football and basketball on the TV while sitting there with his laptop typing on his "blog." Based on what I have seen so far watching UNC on the TV must make Daddy very unhappy. Take last football season for example. As I recall every time he watched UNC play football on the TV he would get really upset and yell at it. I thought it was rather humorous and possibly one of the more childish displays I have ever seen in my life. Anyway, last season he would just get so upset and mumble something how they should fire some guy named Bunting. Being only 11 months old at the time I have no idea who this Bunting fellow was but whoever he was he was making Daddy awfully upset. The best that I can figure is watching games on the computer must make Daddy happier. Last night he did a lot of clapping and saying things like "Yeah!" while doing some more of that typing on his blog. At one point I had a poopy diaper and Daddy changed it while still watching the game on the computer. He must have been so happy with the game he did not even gag one time at the present I made for him.

Anyhow, way past my bedtime here folks. Let me just congratulate Butch Davis and the Tar Heels on the big win. Maybe they can do the same thing next week with they play someone called Easy U. I hear Daddy will only get to follow that game on the radio with some guy named Woody from Durham. Good night all.