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Obligatory Frank Beamer Screwed UNC Article

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I wonder if during the last UNC home game the local media writers go together and drew straws to see who would be saddled with writing about the impact of Frank Beamer having reneged on his verbal agreement to coach at UNC in 2000 and head back to Blacksburg. The holder of the short straw this year is the Durham Herald-Sun's Frank Dascenzo(registration required) whom I like as a columnist but in this case think got stuck writing about something that has already been written about 742 times since the turn of the century.

What Beamer could have brought the Tar Heels was the know-how to manage a program on a consistently strong basis. Beamer built a program at Virginia Tech when he didn't have the marquee name. Four of his first six teams had losing seasons but his seventh, in 1993, finished 9-3 and the Hokies haven't had a losing season since 1992.

His experience in college coaching, like his record, is unquestioned. Last Saturday's blowout of William & Mary was Beamer's 201st career win. He is tied with Ohio State's Jim Tressel, and only two men are ahead of them -- Florida State's Bobby Bowden and Penn State's Joe Paterno.

What Davis will get a look at, besides a stadium packed with Hokie fans craving another bowl season, is a Beamer-coached program that has produced double-digit victory totals in eight of the last 12 seasons, including the last three.

Virginia Tech has won no fewer than 8 games since 1997.

UNC didn't want the Hokies in the ACC but wanted their coach. Now the Tar Heels have to live with trying to out-recruit, out-coach and defeat Beamer and his program.

It hasn't been easy and it doesn't appear it will be anytime soon.

The article actually begins with a full blown history lesson rehashing the departure of Mack Brown for Texas and then the subsequent failure of the Carl Torbush Experiment. Frank Beamer was Dick Baddour's first target and as the story goes Beamer said yes before he said no and then receiving a raise at VT as a result. Thus the phrase "getting Beamered" was born into the ACC lexicon. Now here we are seven years later and Virginia Tech is an established winner, now in the same division and UNC has to think about what might have been.

And this is fairly spot on analysis, a little obvious in nature, but spot on. The problem is I do not think Tar Heel fans actually care or are bothered about what Beamer did at this point. Speaking for myself the only time I think about the fact Beamer could have been the head coach at UNC is when the media drags it out every time UNC plays VT in football. It does not cross my mind nor do I sit around watching the Hokies win football games season in and season out bitterly griping that could be us. Honestly, I think about the fact UNC could have secured Mark Richt who was the offensive coordinator at Florida State in 2000 than I do Beamer because unlike Beamer, Richt apparently was very interested in the job. It just gets a little old that almost seven years later media columnists feel compelled to rehash the Beamer incident and then go as far as to delve into extreme speculation as to what UNC might have been with Beamer at the helm.

It is what is and I just as soon not talk about what could have been.