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UNC at ECU Running Commentary

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I am listening to this game on the radio since I do not have CSTV nor did I want to shell out $14.95 to watch it on their website.

1st Quarter

  • The Heels are doing a great job protecting Yates and opening up the running game. Probably some passes should have been completed that were not. Still UNC has grabbed a 10-7 lead.
  • Obviously a huge mistake on defense lead to the 78 yard ECU touchdown. Heels were blitzing Goddard and Mapp then ended up getting burned on the screen pass.
  • Terrence Brown is the early MVP. Twice he has pinned the Pirates insides the 15 with stellar punting.

2nd Quarter

  • Yates to Tate for the TD. I am getting the feeling we will be hearing that a lot this season. It should be noted that UNC has now posted by the 2nd quarter as many points at VT put up on this same defense last week.
  • While I was reading bedtime stories ECU puts 10 on the board to tie the game at the half. Both teams are flat out passing the ball and there was little in the way rushing from either team.
  • Listening to the half recap from Jones Angel, UNC's only turnover, a Yates INT, resulted in a ECU FG.

3rd Quarter

  • Pinkney seems to be carving the UNC secondary up and they are not doing much to pressure him. Fortunately UNC stops the Pirates at midfield after allowing Pinkney to drive them from the 15.
  • I am catching up on scores from today. Oregon whipped Michigan 39-7? You mean to tell me that Bo Schembechlar singlehandedly held the Michigan football program together by his mere presence on this earth?
  • The Pirate defense makes a huge stand and UNC seems to be struggling a bit on offense, Yates is short-hopping passes according to Woody. Also, UNC is leaving the defense on the field way too much. That is what the lack of a running game will do for you especially if the passing game is not working either.
  • Pinkney finds a man wide open for the Pirate touchdown and a 24-17 lead. Heels appear to be a little ragged on defense and are very close to losing control of the game.
  • FSU sucks. Let me just say that. They are presently up only four on UAB who they have surrendered 30 points to.
  • Can anyone tell me when the last time we had a QB who can hit deep routes like this? Yates to Nicks on the 51 yard TD pass. I cannot say for sure how long or against how many folks we can get away with not running the ball while depending on strikes like this. Of course Barth misses the PAT...may have been tipped at the line. ECU 24 UNC 23.
  • So we go from recovering an onside kick only to have it nullified by being offsides to giving up a 55 yard return AND a 15 yard late hit penalty. Given our general inability to stop Pinkney from passing to anyone he wants giving them great field position is a bad idea.
  • Now a second personal foul. Might be a good idea to give up the score and get the defense off the field.
  • Needless to say this has not been a good game for the ECU defense. Penalties don't help that cause either. Pirates push ahead 31-23.
  • FSU ended up winning but the ESPN Game Tracker had the score wrong earlier and has generally been unreliable.
  • Heels drive to midfield and then punt pinning ECU back on the would be a great time to get some penetration and sack Pinkney.
  • Brandon Tate!!!!!!! Well it only took seven quarters of football this season before Tate uncorked one of them. Heels go for two.....grrrr....had to use the second timeout of the half.
  • Heels get two and tie the game at 31.
  • The only complaint you might have with the quick strike offense/special teams from UNC is the defense is getting zero rest. And even when UNC does not score on offense, they tend to be off the field fairly quickly. The fourth quarter is going to be gut check time for a defense which has struggled to slow down the Pirates.

4th Quarter

  • Good gracious it is famine and feast with out special teams tonight. By and large the punting has been effective and Tate got the punt return for the TD but opposite that we have been offsides twice on kickoffs which nullified the recovery of an onside kick and also given up returns of 55 and 63 yards.
  • A little famine for the ECU special teams as the 32 yard field goal attempt hits the goal post and the game remains tied. This would be a good time for the running game to show up and kill some clock while driving the ball downfield to give the defense a rest. Of course I will take another one of those Yates to Nicks-Foster-Tate TD bombs if that is what it takes.
  • Dang it! Had a nice drive going and Nicks coughed up the ball following the reception.
  • It has been a mixed bag for the defense too, mostly bad and it would be nice if we could rattle Pinkney for a couple of plays.
  • Starvation for ECU special teams. As much trouble as our defense has had stopping ECU we somehow have managed to force them into kicking FGs and apparently they are not very good at it. 1 for 4 tonight, the last one a 37 yard miss. Heels with three minutes and only needing a FG to shock Greenville.
  • I am pleased to see my request for a running game has been answered.
  • 55 seconds and a 52 yard FG attempt by Barth.
  • Are you freaking kidding me???? Fumble the snap? Geez. Now you hand ECU field position. I absolutely hate not having the chance to win the game. If Barth misses I can live with that...fumble snap and no shot at all bugs me to no end.
  • Well that absolutely sucks. ECU wins 34-31.