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UNC at South Florida: Live Blog

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UNC looks to, at the very least redeem the pitiful performance from last season when USF trounced the Heels 37-20 in Chapel Hill. Running comments throughout the game in this, a bachelor afternoon, at the Casa de Tar Heel.

12:09 PM: This could be a long afternoon. The Bulls O-line completely whipped our front seven all the way down the field and USF has their RB walk into the endzone. USF 7 UNC 0

12:13 PM: The theme early on for the offense? Pass, pass, pass.

12:14 PM: The #1 Tailgater Stephen Fry is an idiot. There I said it.

12:15 PM: Wow five plays, no runs. Brown on to punt and there is no way you should have a delay of game on a punt.

12:16 PM: I am glad they brought the return man down but two Heels missed him before that happened.

12:18 PM: We have nothing for the Bulls offense. And so you know I expect there to be no less than 132 references to USF's quick rise in D-IA

12:20 PM: Dumb Analyst Statement #1: "The Big East is nipping at the heels of the SEC, South Florida beat Auburn." Really? Kentucky also beat Louisville which more than nullifies the win over Auburn(who lost to Miss State). The SEC has six ranked teams while the Big East has four. The SEC has two teams rankes ahead of the Big East's best team #5 West Virginia that is #2 LSU and #3 Florida.

12:23 PM: I think USF has had positive yardage on every play so far.

12:25 PM: At this rate we are looking at a beating on the same level as The Coach Who Shall Not Be Named. USF 14 UNC 0.

12:27 PM: As I was investigating what the head-to-head record between the Big East and SEC was so far(1-1 BTW) I saw that South Florida beat Elon 28-13 in Week #1. That's right UNC has already given up half the points Elon gave up for the whole game against this team.

12:29 PM: I think it goes without saying that we might need Tate to break one open on a kickoff. I would say on a punt but I don't think we are going to force one of those.

12:30 PM: What? A run? White goes for four yards which is not too bad.

12:31 PM: That is honestly the first huge mistake I have seen Yates make throwing way downfield into triple coverage. Considering we would have had to punt anyway, probably not a bad INT.

12:32 PM: Not that it matters, we cannot do anything to stop this team.

12:33 PM: Finally a stop on 3rd down. USF has probably the best speed we have seen in the secondary this season which may mean the trio of receivers will not be able to break open those big pass plays.

12:35 PM: Johnny White with two nice little runs for the 1st down. If he can do that a little more it might open up the passing game a bit.

12:36 PM: Maybe the USF defense is playing more for the pass or maybe( hopefully) White is finding his niche.

12:38 PM: Dumb Analyst Statement #2: "Butch Davis pulled back the reins a little bit on Yates after the interception" I don't think so. I think he probably decided to see if anything was available on the run since USF was likely dropping more people back in coverage to guard UNC very potent pass offense. That is how you end up with three guys around one receiver downfield on the INT. As it turns out there has been some room to run which will hopefully open up the pass a little more....if the O line can give Yates time.

12:45 PM: Connor Barth is money from 40. Disappointed we could not make a play and get more there but at least we (1) Put together a nice drive and (2) Gave the defense a breather. USF 14 UNC 3.

12:49 PM: Someone should tell Pam Ward to shut up while the referee is giving the penalty calls. Incidentally there were two penalties called but we have no idea who they were on and what the call was because Ward was too busy talking.

12:52 PM: Barth had to make the tackle on the kickoff and there was a flag on UNC which was either holding or a personal foul. More special teams shenanigans.

12:54 PM: UNC stops USF and forces the FG per policy. USF 17 UNC 3

1:00 PM: Foster and Tate have been very, very quiet. It has been all Nicks so far.

1:11 PM: I love how ESPN will not show a replay on something that looks like a questionable catch. Then again no one is reviewing it so I guess not.

1:15 PM: Wow...UNC players fighting amongst themselves now.

1:16 PM: Are you freaking kidding me!!!!! Force the punt and go offsides to give them a first down. And let's dispense with the "young team" garbage folks. There is no reason to jump offsides when a team is punting near midfield because you should be setting up a return.

1:18 PM: How many times are we going to give new life to dead opposition offensive drives with penalties?

1:19 PM: Be nice to make a tackle or two.

1:24 PM: A turnover! A turnover! Let's see what UNC can do with less than a minute.

1:25 PM: And the answer to that question is a Yates INT. The first two INT game of his career. Pass was meant for Foster.

1:26 PM: Clemson is having NC State for lunch and the worst team in college football is beating Louisville 21-7 making DAS #1 look even more asinine.

1:27 PM: DAS #3: USF's Grothe throws the ball out of bounds and the analyst says "In Canada that would have been a touchdown" I have no idea what that means. Throwing the ball out of bounds is a touchdown in Canadian football?

1:30 PM: USF capitalizes with a FG. USF 20 UNC 3

1:33 PM: Okay. The refs place the ball on the 35 because the kickoff was out of bounds. UNC looks like they are lining up to take a knee and kill the final three seconds and they decide to review to see if a UNC player touched it. Nice use of replay guys.

1:36 PM: HALFTIME. South Florida 20 North Carolina 3

2:00 PM: How much did that end of half turnover hurt? UNC had deferred which means they had one possession and a chance for another. Not that they did anything with the first 2nd half possession.

2:01 PM: Interesting they are debating whether USF should get an on campus stadium when Miami is leaving the Orange Bowl for a pro stadium.

2:02 PM: Another turnover! That's two for today. But since we gave up two, the turnover margin is even.

2:04 PM: Horrible day for Yates. Three INTs. Yates pulled a Dailey and locked in on a receiver which made for an easy pick.

2:06 PM: From the "Are You Serious" Department: Duke 22 Navy 10, UVa 21 GT 17. My picks are looking not so good right now.

2:08 PM: USF 23 UNC 3. The Bulls do what UNC is unable to do and that is score points after turnovers.

2:10 PM: Oh, it's raining now? Yeah this is not going to end well.

2:11 PM: Well at least Tate can be depended upon to move the ball on returns.

2:14 PM: This is a train wreck. Yates sacked again. USF has a nice return on the punt. One more TD and I think it will be time to close the liveblog down.

2:19 PM: Whoa...what happened there? USF had a 2nd and 1 and somehow UNC ends up forcing a stop on 4th down. Weird.

2:21 PM: Yates with a 4th INT. I think Butch needs to think about sitting Yates down. This does not create a QB controversy or say that Yates is not the man but no need to torture him any further. Let Cam Sexton get beat up now.

2:24 PM: DAS #4: "Last season the people were saying the Big East was not that good" Who was saying that? Perhaps in preseason but by mid-season the Big East was well established with Rutgers, Louisville and West Virginia.

2:25 PM: 93 yards of total offense for the Heels today. What a complete disaster.

2:26 PM: USF takes another UNC turnover for points. USF 30 UNC 3.

2:27 PM: That's it kids. I will keep watching out of one eye while I do some other things. Tough day for UNC.

2:37 PM: Davis is sticking with Yates. I guess that is a statement as to his faith in him and also a lesson in toughness for him

2:38 PM: Everyone is getting killed today. State is down 30-14 and may have lost Harrison Beck, ECU is being destroyed 41-0.

2:53 PM: 103 yards of total offense and USF still has the first team defense in trying to get the safety which is a fairly classless move if you ask me.

3:08 PM: Oh the humanity! USF 37 UNC 3

3:18 PM: Ryan Houston loses the helmet but puts a TD on the board.  USF 37 UNC 10