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UNC-JMU Game Updates

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Note: This game is on ESPN360 and you have to be a Verizon or AT&T customer to get it. There is a loophole if you go to and sign up for a free login you can use that login to access the internet feed from ESPN360. Simply choose Verizon and hit Sign In. Use the login you created at the Verizon site and it will allow you to see the game.

6:14 PM: T.J. Yates first pass in live game action is to Brooks Foster for the TD!

6:23 PM: Following a pair of turnovers which included a Yates INT, the first time starter hit Brandon Tate in the endzone for another Tar Heel score. UNC 14 JMU 0.

6:41 PM: The Heels grind some clock going 40 yards in five minutes and cap it off with an Anthony Elzy 2 yard run for a TD. UNC now up 21-0. Connor Barth boomed the kickoff three yard deep into the endzone, Duke bring it out to the 23.

6:47 PM: First play of the second quarter, Denuata Williams halts the Dukes with an INT. Of course Yates almost tries to give it back trying to force a ball into coverage in the end zone.

6:52 PM: Connor Barth tacks three more on the board to give UNC a commanding 24-0 lead. The Heels have been held to 32 total yards of offense so far. Nice work by the UNC defense which includes two turnovers so far.

6:59 PM: Dukes offense starting to roll a bit now. Should be a good test for this defense. Chase Rice being helped off the field not bearing a lot of weight on one of his legs. Not a good sign.

7:04 PM: A 3rd and long gets busted open to get JMU to the UNC five. Seems to be some issues containing the Dukes running game at this point.

7:06 PM: UNC gives up their first TD of the season. The Dukes QB evades a Heel defender and connects with a receiver in the back of the end zone for the TD. Now we find out how UNC bounces back from giving up a score. UNC 24 JMU 7.

7:09 PM: Interesting. Instead of kicking the ball as long as possible both UNC and JMU have traded high kicks to about the 20 which are essentially unreturnable. If this sort of thing ends up being an unintended consequence of the rule change it will result in a lot of boring kickoffs.

7:20 PM: The JMU coach is highly entertaining following an illegal procedure penalty on a punt. 2:49 left and UNC takes over on their own 30. Let's see if they can move the ball and get a score to close out the half.

7:25 PM: Tate outruns the coverage and hauls it in at the Dukes 23 yard line. Now Nicks grabs a 1st down at the 12. UNC now in the red zone to try and score before the half with a minute left.

7:31 PM: Yates to Foster for the second time today to give the Heels a 30-7 lead. Barth misses the extra point? Weird stuff there.

7:33 PM: Halftime . Heels by 23.

8:24 PM: Had to put the kids to bed. Looks like UNC clocked another TD midway through the quarter on an Anthony Elzy TD run.

8:30 PM: End of the 3rd. UNC looks like they have this one wrapped up. This has been a stellar effort despite the fact JMU is from the lower division because App State basically changed the landscape in Ann Arbor today.

8:37 PM: Welcome back Trimane Goddard! INT for the returning junior. UNC in complete control of this game.