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UNC Reviewing Recruit Visit for Possible Violation

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The UNC compliance office has initiated an investigation into whether a secondary NCAA violation occurred during a recruiting visit with high school senior Ian Shumpert. According to the Charlotte Observer, Shumpert played pick-up basketball games with former Heels Sean May, Marvin Williams and Raymond Felton which might constitute the minor infraction. Shumpert also indicated to the paper that all three talked to him extensively about coming to UNC and how it had helped them with their NBA careers(which is a fairly amazing point on Williams' part since he was only there one year, but I digress.)

Of course the NCAA rules read like the tax code and there are plenty of ways to interpret the situation. The first is that Williams and May are still taking classes at UNC which means they are permitted to talk to a recruit. Felton however is not still in school and can only have "incidental" contact with a recruit i.e. they run into each other on Franklin St. So it really comes down to how the contact with Felton is view if May and Williams are considered students. It also should be noted that much will be made of them actually playing a pick-up game. As far as we know if happened outside the presence of a coach and according to UNC compliance official Amy Herman such games are permissible. Had Shumpert played the game with coaches present it could be seen as a tryout which is clearly a violation.

This will not stop some* ABCers around the world from using this and the minor violation at Kansas to paint Roy Williams as a dirty coach on the same level with Bob Huggins. To UNC's credit they are dealing with a mere few days after it happened which speaks to the compliance office doing it's job. In the end what the fans do with this will make more waves than what the NCAA will end up doing about it some undetermined time down the road.

*Added later to qualify the statement instead of raining on the whole bunch.