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Well if It Makes You Feel Better

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StateFans Nation has posted a video from YouTube of a UNC fan giving his analysis of the UNC-ECU game. SFN took great joy in this poor guy's misconception that he should be posting videos of himself in a public forum:

Dear High School Recruit,

Think of how it would be to go bust your ass for fans like these. This guy readily admits that he doesn’t have the money to buy a cable package that allowed him to watch the game…but, why let not actually viewing the game impact your ‘analysis’

You know what? This country is flush with people who lack the common sense to know that the last thing they should be doing is putting themselves in front of a web cam and then posting it on YouTube. Sadly enough, some of them can be found amongst our respective fan bases. That being said, if laughing at this guy affords you the feeling of superiority you've been missing because UNC has beaten NC State for three straight seasons on the football field(and pretty much everywhere else with a few exceptions) then by all means carry on.