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With Friends Like This

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I will never cease to be amazed at the kinds of things people think and write in a public forum, like this guy who wrote a Letter to the Editor in The Daily Tar Heel:


In my 20 years of watching Carolina football, I've seen plenty of bad football played.

I watched Mack Brown's first two teams struggle, and I saw some abysmally bad football played in the five years preceding this year.

However, in the first 25 minutes of Saturday's game, I saw a lack of energy, a lack of focus and, from my perspective, a lack of pride from our football team.

It was as bad as I've ever seen a Carolina football team play.

If thousands of season-ticket holders are going to basically plan our weekends around Carolina football, we do it with the expectation that the Tar Heels are prepared to play and that they do so with maximum effort.

I'm going to use what most might consider a UVa. word or a Duke word when I say that I hope the first half of Saturday's game marked the "nadir" of the 2007 season and of coach (Butch) Davis' tenure at Carolina.

I hope the coaching staff will take this criticism as motivation to ensure that the Tar Heels are ready to play from the opening whistle on Saturday in Tampa and certainly when we're back in Chapel Hill on Oct. 6 against Miami.

There is no way on earth you can call what happened in the first 25 minutes versus UVa "as bad" as some of the games that happened under The Coach Who Shall Not Be Named. Heck this one would not even crack the top ten in my opinion. In fact I would venture say that "Lack of energy, a lack of focus" could have been the team motto during the past six years. This kind of attitude from a alleged fan is of absolutely no value to ANYONE especially three games into the tenure of a new coach. Based on what I have seen and the various opinions of other Tar Heel fans, this team has been ready to play all three games they have taken the field for. Yes they did get out of the gate a little slowly versus UVa but nothing that reminded me of what has happened in the past with the exception of the run defense which is just going to take some time and talent to correct.

So if I might offer some free advice to the author of this letter: Please go away. Butch Davis has a tough enough road ahead of him in bringing this program back to prominence without so called fans like you writing asinine missives such as this one which does nothing but serve as ammunition for our rivals to blast away at us.

Quick Note: I would also point out that the author of the letter basically implies that Duke and UVa are better schools than UNC since he prefaces the use of the word "nadir"(which means low point) by calling it a Duke or UVa word. In other words he is saying that UNC students and fans are not smart enough to use or understand the word which basically is an insult to his own alma mater.

How about this for usage. This letter marked the "nadir" of logical and intellectually honest thinking.