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UNC 79, Virginia 69

Behold, the power of depth.

With depth, you can overcome poor shooting (37.9%). With depth, you can play a swarming defense (17 turnovers created, including 8(!) against Sean Singletary) and not be exhausted. With depth, you can keep plugging players in until you find the one that sparks your run - in this case Quentin Thomas, who's gone from being only mentioned as an afterthought to playing key roles in two straight ACC games with a limited number of minutes. Depth wins you basketball games.

Despite Virginia's unusually strong defense and the Heels poor shooting, the game went as scripted. The defense kept Singletary and Reynolds from taking over the game - see turnovers comma eight - and the Hoos had no answer for the Hansbrough/Wright tandem. The performance at times makes you uneasy for some of the tougher matchups down the road, but the team has shown an ability to right itself after less than stellar games. Next up, the first ACC road test in Blacksburg.