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Virginia Tech 94, UNC 88

And that score is with one of the most dramatic late game collapses I've ever seen on the part of the Hokies.

So this is how you beat the Tar Heels. Generate lots of turnovers (17), shoot well (52.6%) and jump out to a big lead (23. Yes, 23 points). Get that lead big enough and you can overcome your own clock mismanagement and some less than clutch free throw shooting down the stretch.

Not that UNC has much to brag about in that regard, with only 55.2% shooting from the charity stripe - mostly the fault of Brendan Wright who went 1 for 8. That's a gift to a team defending the Heels by collapsing two or three defenders in the paint every time Hansbrough and Wright touched the ball. The two players had seven turnovers between them, and less than stellar shooting as a result. And without a perimeter shooting game to relieve that pressure - and the fact that a good number of kickbaks outside found their way into the hands of folks in Tech jersies - there wasn't much of an offense that could be run. Compound that with their exploitation of the Heels main defensive weakness, defending in transition, and the Hokies easily got their second Top 5 scalp in seven days.

Thus ends the Heels' latest stint at the top of the AP, total time less than a week, shortest period since they were voted #1 on February 6th, 1995, and proceeded to lose to Maryland the next day. With next opponent Clemson's loss though, they may have had the nation's longest winning streak - for an hour and a half.