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UNC 77, Clemson 55

One thing I managed to overlook in my preview of this game, primarily because I hadn't seen that much of Clemson, was the importance of Trevor Booker to this offense. Booker plays more of a true post than James Mays or Sam Perry, and having him as a scoring option keeps defenses from cheating on Clemson's perimeter game.

Trevor Booker met Brandan Wright tonight. He went 2-7 from the field and had three turnovers. Consequently, the Tigers were 4-19 from behind the arc - you try shooting a three-pointer over Tyler Hansbrough - only 23-68 from the field in total, and a worse-than-the-usual-awful 5-19 from the line. That doesn't win ball games.

On the offensive end for UNC, the turnover plague continued for another, hopefully final game. The Heels have faced the three leading turnover-causing teams in the ACC intheir first four games, and it shows. A lot of it's still carelessness with the ball, and hopefully that will improve.

But don't let the score, or Clemson two-game "streak" fool you. The Tigers are one of the top four teams in the ACC, and maybe higher now that BC has kicked Sean Williams and Akida McLain off the team. The road gets a little easier for the Heels over the next two weeks as they tour the league cellar, and it'll be interesting to see if the team shakes a couple of the more worrisome trends.