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Imaginary Playoffs and Real-Life Bowls

Quickly summing up my liitle football playoff experiment, before turning back to the real world:

At this point, the playoff reduces to, in the parlance of math-geeks, a previously-solved problem. Or a soon to be solved problem, at any rate. Just remember when anyone complains about susch a system taking too long - the imaginary season is over, and Ohio State still won't take the field in the bowl system for another week.

As for the first two bowl games I actually watched? I don't have much to say about Michigan's second-half collapse in the suprisingly dull opening BCS matchup. As for the Boise State game later that evening, however...

First of all, I can't agree with Sunday Morning Quaterback's opinion on the Fox coverage. It drove me nuts. It was as if the folks in the booth hadn't called a college football game all year, suprisingly enough. After forty minutes of hearing about how surprised everyone was that Boise State was a) hanging with Oklahoma, b) beating Oklahoma, c) not rely on gimmick plays, d) able to tie their own shoes, e) knew that a ce-ment pond was in fact a swimming pool and f) able to play football I was ready to put my foot through the (belonging to someone else) TV. Look, either you believe the BCS philosophy you're shilling that the whole season is a playoff and this is how you temper the field down to a strong few or you don't. But Boise State was undefeated, and had ripped USC-slaying Oregon State by four touchdowns. People believed they could hang with the major conferences. Fox needs to spend less time convincing the people watching the game that it's worth watching, not be so surprised that the product they're putting on the air is a contest, and show the damn game.

Also, they really need to pick up camera guys who don't bite on quite so many fakes.

And don't believe the hype that this game was only won on gimmick plays. Boise State outplayed Oklahoma through the first half and matched them turnover for turnover on defense in the second. The game-ending gimmick plays were tools of a tired team at the end, but it was damn impressive play that put them in the game to begin with. Here's hoping Wake Forest can continue the upset trend.