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UNC 77, Georgia Tech 61

It's good to see the Heels do well against a more physical, inside team. It's good to see the defensive push continue, generating 19 turnovers, 10 of them steals by 8 different players. It was good to see a second straight game where the depth-aided comeback wasn't needed, where the Tar Heels were in control the entire forty minutes, and everyone got playing time. And it was good to see all of that at North Carolina's 1,900th win.

Of course, I didn't see all of this - I had friends in town, and ended up bouncing between a couple of parties involving a lot of collegiate swimmers. Odd, that. So I'm just going by the boxscore. Georgia Tech responses range from optimistic resignation to disgust with the coaching. UNC fans, meanwhile, can look forward to the three-game tour of the ACC basement. Let's hope they don't lose focus down there.