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Over at A Sea of Blue, JL Blue has kicked off the the inaugural SBNation Top 25. I didn't get around to voting, because I am lazy and the cutoff is early on the West Coast, but can at least toss out my Top 10, with some comments. Because, you know, everyone else is wrong.

  1. UCLA (17-1)
  2. Wisconsin (19-1)
  3. North Carolina (17-2)
First of all, I believe North Carolina is the best team in the country. Primarily because I'm an incorrigibly biased in that regard - this isn't Wisconsin March, after all - but also because I feel they have the greatest collection of talent and depth. That being said, UCLA and Wisconsin have put more evidence forth on the court, with only one loss apiece to ranked Oregon in the Bruins case, and unranked Missouri St. for the Badgers. That earns you the top two spots.
  1. Oregon (18-1)
Why is one-loss Oregon, who beat UCLA, behind the Heels? I guess the national polls do have a little effect on me. The argument the Ducks should be higher could be made, though.
  1. Florida (17-2)
A two-loss team, to Kansas (overrated) and Florida State. With only one win over a ranked team, Ohio State. I'm sorry, they don't deserve to be number one with that resume this year.
  1. Texas A&M (16-2)
Their two losses are to UCLA and LSU. They didn't get their first win until Oklahoma St this week, but they're playing a Florida-quality schedule and doing just as well.
  1. Ohio State (16-3)
The best threee loss team in the nation, with all three losses coming against Top 5 opponents. Seven is probably too low for them, but there's a lot of equal talent at the top right now.
  1. Clemson (18-2)
Criticize their schedule all you want, but to put them behind Butler, Air Force, Memphis and Nevada, who all have equally poor schedules and the same number of losses? At this point you're just covering for the fact you didn't expect them to be good.
  1. Oklahoma State (16-3)
  2. Kansas (15-3)
And this is why I never get around to voting in polls. There are a host of two and three loss teams here that I don't follow and are all equally mediocre. To be honest, Virginia Tech and Indiana are probably better than all othem, but I can't justify putting four and five loss teams in the Top 10 at this point. Maybe I'll have a better grip on things next week.