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Williams and Doherty

The News and Observer meant this more as a comical aside:

Ol’ Roy unleashed the fury in two practices before a 77-55 whipping of Clemson, undoubtedly limiting his vocabulary to the words dadgum and frick. According to Ol’ Roy, he ran "the crap" out of his players and administered an intense scrimmage which nearly cost the Heels the services of Tyler Hansbrough. Just remember, Matt Doherty was a despot, but Ol’ Roy is a genius.

...but it skirts around a question I've often wondered about. Doherty did eventually provoke a player revolt with his temper and constant running in practice. But the pace didn't drop under Williams - hell, Williams taught Doherty most of what he learned as a coach - and it's not like Williams hasn't shown a flare of temper himself. And as Williams has said, "You and I both know if Sean May doesn't get hurt, we aren't walking on this street right now," in regards to his hiring.

I just wonder, how much of UNC's resurgence was superior coaching, versus just having a coach with the pedigree to convince the team that this is the way to do things?