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Everything You Need to Know About Wake Forest

The Team Preview

What's Changed Since Then: In short, a whole lot of nothing. Big man Kyle Visser evolved into the teams leading scorer, and L.D. Williams, a freshman I didn't even mention in the preview has been quietly productive. They've both started every game - the other three starting positions have been filled by eight different people over the course of the season. The Deacons are still fishing around for an answer.

This is the ACC team with the worst offensive efficiency, the worst defensive efficiency, and the worst field goal defense. They do nothing particularly well. They've lost four straight - the second four-game losing streak this season. They lost to N.C. State. If this game is close, UNC has done something horribly wrong.

The Demon Deacons only consolation is recent history - Wake Forest has won six of the last eight meetings against the Tar Heels. In fact the Heels are 5-8 this decade, and even Roy Williams is only 2-2. Carolina will have to win out the next three years to break .500 against Wake for the '00s. UNC is also only 9-8 at Lawrence Joel against the Demon Deacons. Really, the best bet for Wake is a magical time warp replacing the teams with their 2002 counterparts. Look for their physicists to be working on that on the sidelines during the game.