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UNC 88, Wake Forest 60

That was just sloppy, plain and simple. Wake Forest was in the game for far too long (i.e., the first half) and even after they fell behind Carolina's depth, there were too many UNC turnovers, too many bodies hitting the floor (Not in the hustling-for-loose-balls way, but the someone's-going-to-get-hurt-under-the-rim way. Towards the end I think Kyle Visser was going to start throwing punches in frustration.), and too many two or three tips into the air before grabbing the rebounds.

Some of that is the opponent - it's hard to defend a team as flailing and out of control as Wake was in the second half and have it look pretty - but 18 turnovers? This wasn't a Virginia Tech or even a Georgia Tech the Heels were playing. There are only four teams in the ACC worse at generating turnovers (Miami, Virginia, BC and State). This really isn't the team you want showing up in Arizona this weekend. Hope a better one makes the trip.