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Clock Watching

Why, are clock operators so bad at their jobs sometimes? I tried to write off the Clemson-Duke debacle (pour over the Zapruder film here) as the operator being surprised by the turnover, but the guy only has one job. Press the button when someone touches the ball, and do it again when it hits the bottom of the net. And he screwed both up, on the order of seconds.

As for the ending, while a six-tenths of a second seems like an impossibly short time, it wouldn't have mattered if the Clemson player guarding Scheyer on the inbounds hadn't gone for the steal about two seconds too late, leaving the Tigers a man down on defense. But then again, the last two minutes of the game seemed to be Clemson trying their damndest to lose the game, and Duke thwarting that idiocy at every turn.