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Everything You Need to Know About Arizona

...has pretty much already been covered, with Ken Pomeroy breaking down the efficiency stats and Seth Davis detailing the recent Wildcat history.

The articles above, however, are worth reemphasizing. First, the Arizona defense. It's not good, giving up 1.025 points per possession, compared to UNC's 0.872. They don't effect their opponent's shot very much, and they're absolutely dreadful in generating turnovers. (They do lead the nation in keeping their opponents off the free throw line, which is good for something, I guess.) So although two potent offenses will be on the court today, there's only going to be one defense.

The Wildcats other problem, their absolute lack of depth, willl also kill them against the Heels. If they don't jump out to a big lead - which is possible, as they can score quickly with good guard play, not unlike Virginia Tech - they'll be playing a catch-up game they don't have the legs for. The end result will be a game uglier than last year.

Arizona and UNC have each won three games in the series, with two of the Wildcat victories coming in NCAA tournaments - 1988 and the Final Four in 1997, a game that dampened my first trip to a Final Four. So sign me up for the "kick Arizona when their down" school of thought.