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SBN College Top 25 Week 2

The votes are in for the second week of the SBN College Top 25, and I got my act together enough to contribute. Unfortunately, due to deadline pressures, I had to vote before Stanford's upset of UCLA. Otherwise, I definitely would have dropped them below Florida, and possibly Ohio State.

  1. Wisconsin (21-1)
  2. North Carolina (19-2)
  3. UCLA (18-1)
How impressive was UNC's win over Arizona? Enough that I lost all respect for the Pac-10. So UCLA, who escaped with a four point victory at home against the Wildcats, will have to be a little more impressive to regain the top spot.
  1. Florida (19-2)
I'm a little more impressed with Florida, as they keep winning, and the losses to FSU and Kansas ook more respectable as the days go by. They'll probably move up if trends continue.
  1. Ohio State (18-3)
They tried to give the Michigan State game away, but weren't quite able to do it.
  1. Oregon (19-2)
See RESPECT, Lack of for Pac-10. ALso losing to Washington won't do you any favors.
  1. Kansas (18-3)
Nothing like opponent's from the bottom of the Big 12 to make you look good.
  1. Texas A&M (17-3)
  2. Pittsburgh (19-3)
  3. Duke (17-3)
  4. Memphis (17-3)
This is the next tier of teams (with Clemson), that hopefully will sort themselves out as the season progresses, because they're hard to distinguish at the moment.
  1. Clemson (18-4)
I can't blame the Tigers for the Duke loss, but I can for giving one up to Virginia.
  1. 13. Oklahoma State (18-3)
Texas A&M pretty much took them out to the woodshed, didn't they?
  1. Nevada (19-2)
  2. Butler (19-2)
  3. Air Force (19-3)
A coincidental stretch of teams I know nothing about.
  1. Marquette (19-4)
  2. Virginia Tech (16-5)
  3. Michigan State (17-5)
  4. Indiana (15-5)
  5. Washington State (17-4)
  6. Georgetown (15-5)
  7. Kentucky (16-5)
  8. Notre Dame (17-4)
  9. Maryland (16-5)
The problem is, from here on down there's a good twenty teams with equal claims to these spots. I was impressed with Marquette's win over Pitt, and I've been high on the Hokies all season. Michigan State's losses have been to good teams, and Indiana is coming on strong lately. The last five are a collection of four and five loss teams I'm biased towards at this particular moment.