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Everything You Need to Know About Miami

The Team Preview

What's Changed Since Then: Jack McClinton discovered there was a slight talent difference between the ACC and the MAAC. Anthony King is out for the year with a wrist injury, decreasing the Hurricanes Anthonys by 50%, and their defensive ability by a similar amount. He was soon followed by Jimmy Graham, out for the year with a broken hand, as well as role players Adrian Thomas, and Fabio Nass. Miami, needless to say, does not have UNC's depth to the point they can be three men down and run Arizona off the court.

Miami is still iving off of the slow tempo and few turnover strategy that served them well last year. Without Diaz and Hite, last year's excellent backcourt however, their shooting is mediocre. They're the worst three-point shooting team in the league, but still heave them up more often than any team but State, Wake, and Vuh-Tech. The real problem is their defense, the worst in the league and the worst of any Big 6 school except Colorado. This is a bad basketball team. UNC's key to the game? Show up.