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UNC 81, Dayton 51 and UNC 102, Penn 64

Eight different people hit this blog in the last couple of hours from searching on some kind of combination of "UNC", "Tar Heels" and "Bojangles biscuits", so Carolina obviously broke a hundred again tonight. So for those of you not in the know, yes, two sausage biscuits are a dollar tomorrow at North Carolina restaurants. The crowd's "We want biscuits" cheer makes more sense now, doesn't it?

Anyway, thus ends the nonconference adventures of the Tar Heels this season, save a January 27th matchup against Arizona, and it's safe to say they accomplished most of what the fans wanted. The defense is much improved - Penn was the first team in five games to break 60 points, and the Heels haven't allowed over 70 since the Ohio State game. Their opponents in the last two games have coughed up the ball 41 times in total. The perimeter shooting, if not phenomenal, is a reliable source of 7 or 8 baskets a game on 15 to 17 shots, enough to open up the middle and all that's really needed in a fast break offense with great post players.

The only change people were clamoring for that hasn't happened was the paring down of the rotation. Frankly, I don't see the need - if you have ten to twelve players with the talent to win at this level, play 'em all. The chemistry (as observed from 3,000 miles away) looks fine, and depth and experience can only help come March.

Next comes the ACC season in earnest, with a home game  against an under-the-radar Florida State team. The Seminoles haven't lost to a team outside of the Top 20, and knocked off one Top 5 school already. This is their only shot against the Heels, and they were trouble last year.