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It's As If the Numbers Mean Something

According to the numbers I posted Wednesday, Duke leads the ACC in turning the ball over (23.5% of possessions) and Virginia Tech is second in the ACC in turnovers caused (26.4% of possessions). The end result, when the two teams meet? Duke turns the ball over 22 times - that's over 30% of their trips down the court - and Virginia Tech gets its first win at Cameron. Let the schadenfreude commence.

The Hokies have done surprisingly well against the Blue Devils since joining the ACC. After an inaugural ass-kicking in Cameron, where they lost 100-65, Tech has gone 2-2 in the series, with three of those games being decided by two points. Virginia Tech is 0-2 against the Tar Heels over that same period.

On the other hand, the worst defensive rebounding team (Boston College) met the worst offensive rebounding team (N.C. State) and pretty much owned the boards in a manner befitting the Boston College we all expected to see this season. There is still a reason to play the games after all.