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Return of the Director's Cup

With the holidays, I lost track of one of my favorite hobbies, following odd intersport competitions. The folks behind the Director's Cup have released two updates to their standings since then, and UNC has crept up to 13th on the strength of the two soccer teams. How the ACC is falling out:

  1. Duke (Two rounds of Women's Soccer, quarterfinalist for Men's, and two rounds in Volleyball - 316 pts)
  2. Virginia (Three rounds in Women's Soccer, semifinalist in Men's - 303 pts)
  3. Wake Forest (Two rounds in Women's Soccer, semifinalist in Men's - 243 pts)
  4. North Carolina (Women's Soccer national champions, second round of Men's - 187 pts)
  5. Maryland (3rd round in Men's Soccer - 164 pts)
  6. Clemson (Quarterfinals in Women's Soccer, 3rd round of Men's - 137 pts)
  7. Florida State (Women's Soccer semifinalist - 129 pts)
  8. Boston College (3rd round, Women's Soccer - 78 pts)
  9. N.C. State (No change - 78 pts)
  10. Virginia Tech (made the Men's Soccer tournament - 63 pts)
And Carolina March mid-major hero UC Santa Barbara is still holding strong at 10th, on the strength of their men's soccer championship and an appearance in the volleyball tournament.