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UNC 84, Florida State 58

First of all, it needs to be said - Florida State is a better team than the final score indicates. They came out and flustered North Carolina, then fell behind as the Heels settled in, then drove back and the end of the half, not at willing willing to cede the game. Unfortunately for them, a basketball game has two halves, and UNC has the depth and talent to wear away at most any opponent.

The FSU defense did as expected, pushing for steals (6) and blocking a fair amount of shots (5) but losing out defensive rebounds to a taller UNC frontcourt. Other than that, the Heels did quite well, avoiding the more careless turnovers, and pushing the tempo beyond the ability of the Seminoles - who played their bench well below the average - and, well, winning by 24. You can;t really complain about that.

Long story short - if FSU plays like they did the rest of the season, they'll do quite well in the ACC. If Carolina plays like they did, they'll do significantly better. That's some insightful analysis, there.