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The Last Word on the BCS, 2006

I give you King Kaufman:

So what's it all mean, this full-on beat-down of the wire-to-almost-wire No. 1 team in the nation by a team that needed a shocking upset 3,000 miles away just to get into the title game? You're probably ahead of me.

It means Florida's the champion, of course. The Bowl Championship Series is the system in place, pretty much everybody involved has at least tacitly bought into that system, and the system says Florida. None of this "Boise State is the real champion" stuff.

It also means that three times in the past six years the BCS has offered up a Championship Game that was a blowout.

It's one thing if a title game at the end of a tournament is a rout. At least both teams plausibly played their way in. But when a system pulls two teams from the multitudes and places them in the final by fiat, that final had better be a damn good game more often than not. A lot more often. It had better be a fluke, rather than routine, for one of the teams to look like it doesn't belong.

And by "last word" I man "I will haunt the inevitable Sunday Morning Quarterback and Dawg Sports threads like a Scooby-Doo villian, but I'll at least shut up about it here." Viva la basketball!