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A Question

Can somebody use the phrase "best five-loss team in the country" in anything but an ironic fashion? Is the whiff of desperation just a little too strong?

In case you're curious (I was) here are the other teams eligible for such a title:

  • North Carolina State (1-5)
  • Rice (1-5)
  • Southern Methodist (1-5)
  • Tulane (1-5)
  • Eastern Michigan (2-5)
  • Toledo (2-5)
  • Arizona (2-5)
  • Washington State (2-5)
  • Mississippi (2-5)
  • Middle Tennessee (2-5)
  • Louisiana-Monroe (1-5)
  • North Texas (1-5)
The Wolfpack will get their chance to make a case in three weeks. Washington State is busy getting blown out, and although Arizona played USC close, they've had some bad games as well. I think we can go ahead and give the Heels the crown on this one.