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ACC Football Week #6: Review

I think we can all honestly say at this point we have no idea what will happen next. Halfway through the season all of the best wisdom from college football punditry has been essentially laid waste. Nowhere that is truer than in the ACC. Here is your Wisdom of Fools for the sixth week of the season.

Last Week: Georgia Tech has righted the ship.

This Week: Georgia Tech patches one hole in the ship and another one opens up. How else do you explain giving up 28 points and losing to Maryland with all of their various QB issue.

Last Week: Virginia found their offense and it is fantastic.

This Week: If Virginia had been playing Wyoming again they would have lost. UVa needed a FG with eight seconds left against a team that barely could force Louisville to punt earlier this season. This was not a good defense and the Cavs were not much better.

Last Week: NC State is injury plagued, has no offensive line, no legitimate QB, is turnover prone but at least they have decent RBs.

This Week: NC State is flat out cursed. Andre Brown breaks a bone in his foot which takes away their second quality RB, the offensive line and QB situation still look like something out of a horror film and it is possible NC State gives the ball away more than they have it.

Last Week: Clemson has begun the annual Tommy Bowden era swoon.

This Week: Confirmed.

Week #1-2: Al Groh is on the hot seat
Week #3: Groh's seat begins to cool, Chan Gailey's gets a little warmer
Week #4: Groh gets off the hot seat and Gailey is now on it.
Week #5: Groh is completely safe, Gailey gets back off and Tommy Bowden starts to sweat a little.

This Week: UVa fans are happy but in that uneasy kind of way. Clemson fans will be tailgating next week with ribs on one side of the grill and Bowden's office chair on the other and Gailey might want to think about which coordinator he can fire in hopes of saving his own rear end.

Last Week: UNC just has too much youth and makes a few too many mistakes to get over the hump.

This Week: How about them Heels!


Boston College 55 Bowling Green 24
Maryland 28 Georgia Tech 26
UNC 33 Miami 27
Wake Forest 41 Duke 36
Florida State 27 NC State 10
Virginia Tech 41 Clemson 20
Virginia 23 MTSU 21

Record This Week: 5-2(way to step up there Clemson and Georgia Tech)
Record This Season: 40-13