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ACC Football Week #7: Preview

This is the lightest week so far in the ACC season. Six games on the schedule which means I have few games to miss picks on. It should be easier since I don't have Clemson playing this week, sitting there like some temptress trying to seduce people into believing they are better than it turns out they really are. This week there are two cupcake games and four toss-ups. This should be fun. Picks after the jump.

#21 Florida State at Wake Forest

FSU has quietly put together a quality season while Wake has found that the season following a title victory can be a struggle at times. This game last season was the signature moment for the Deacons who shut down the Seminoles in Tallahassee to the tune of 30-0. I think part of the Noles success is the fact the players have adjusted to the offensive schemes and while they may not be as talented as the past versions of this team they are still pretty darned talented.

FSU 24 Wake 20

#12 Virginia Tech at Duke

These two are always fun to watch simply because there is a running debate as to how few yards Duke will actually gain. I think the record stands at 35. Duke has been a little more component on offense this season or so it seems so they should top 35 yards easily and possibly score points except the lack a FG kicker.

Virginia Tech 35 Duke 0

#4 Boston College at Notre Dame

The Irish have no least where this game is concerned.

Boston College 49 Notre Dame 3

Georgia Tech at Miami 

This is honestly a complete crapshoot.  I have no idea what either of these teams are going to bring to the game or which version will actually show up.  In the end I think it comes down to defense since that is the strongest suit for both teams.  Miami gets an edge playing at home but I think the Yellow Jacket offense is a tad more capable.  You also have to wonder how well the Hurricanes bounce back from losing to UNC.

Georgia Tech 17 Miami 14

UConn at Virginia

Is UConn a total fraud?  Possibly.  They handed Duke a worse beating than UVa did and both teams played Pittsburgh about the same.  UVa had a lot of trouble last week with a team they should have handled simply because Middle Tennesee is...well...Middle Tennessee.  This actually could be UConn's last chance to win a game save for their matchup with Syracuse in mid November.  I think the UVa defense plays at a higher level than what UConn has seen and Chris Long is a creator of havoc and chaos.

UVa 20 UConn 10

#7 SCAR at UNC

On paper SCAR should win but I believe UNC is capable of hanging around in this one and who knows, maybe enough breaks go the Heels way to pull another win out.  Also I am still drunk on the victory of last week so I am going to buck the odds and pick UNC to win

UNC 27 SCAR 24

NC State and Clemson have a bye week.  They both could really use one or maybe three.

Record Last Week: 5-2
Record This Season: 40-13