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ACC Football Week #8: Review

And this is what we learned this week which we did not know last week or would have known if we didn't think we knew so much.

Two Weeks Ago: Tommy Bowden is in deep doo-doo.

This Week: Is there any evidence that a 70-14 beatdown of a MAC team can extract the aforementioned son of Bobby from said doo-doo? Not by itself but a 56 point drubbing of a MAC team following a bye week which also doubled as a cool down period might give the rabid fan base pause.*

*Please note the bye week did The Coach Who Shall Not Be Named zero good.

Last Week: Virginia is overrated, undeserving of a Top 25 ranking despite the record.

This Week: Something like 30+ ranked teams have been beaten by unranked opponents. If you are in a BCS Conference and have managed to lose just one game which results in a ranking for you then who can reasonably argue with a straight face it is undeserved? I say on any given weekend UVa is just as good as any number of teams that take less flack from the media.

Last Week: UVa is eventually going to run out of these late game rallies to barely win games.

This Week: Not quite yet and I am beginning to think Al Groh struck a deal with the devil after the Wyoming game. Also the line between UVa's 7-1 and UNC's 2-5 is so razor thin it is scary. UVa has managed to do all of those little things UNC has failed to do or avoid the mistakes which UNC has committed and that is the difference.

Last Week: ECU is rolling and NC State does not have a prayer despite having the bye week.

This Week: Well what do ya know, a blind hog does find an acorn every once and awhile. Meanwhile ECU tries to figure out what the heck happened on the way to declaring themselves to be the best football team in the state. Speaking of which....

Last Week: Wake Forest assuaged any notions that they were a fluke in 2006 by beating Florida State again.

This Week: Good thing Wake trounced Navy to solidify that idea because FSU put themselves in danger of not making a bowl by giving up 30 points to the Miami offense. Bobby Bowden may have earned the right to say when he goes off into the sunset and I expect some enterprising Seminoles fan to file suit to have that right taken away.

Two Weeks Ago: Maryland has resolved all QB issues.

This Week: Well, he did not turn the ball over. He also only had 103 yards passing versus UVa.

Last Week: The #2 team in the country lost

This Week: The #2 team in the country lost

Next Week: The #2 team in the country will be in Blacksburg in what everyone is sure to be an end to the Eagles' title hopes. Only if the pattern holds.

Last Week: SCAR got their "butts kicked" in the second half by UNC

This Week: SCAR got their "butts kicked" for the whole game by Vanderbilt.

This Week's Scores

Georgia Tech 34 Army 10
Clemson 70 CMU 14
Wake Forest 44 Navy 24
Miami 37 FSU 29
NCSU 34 ECU 20
UVa 18 Maryland 17

Record This Week: 3-3
Record This Season: 47-18