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ACC Football Week #9: Boston College at Virginia Tech

I am breaking form and separating this game from the rest since it carries such significance.

First of all, I think the odds are pretty good this game is a preview of the ACC Championship. Granted Clemson, Wake Forest, Miami and Georgia Tech will have plenty to say about that before it is all said and done but in the end I think these two teams emerge even though Boston College still has brutality ahead in their schedule and despite the fact Virginia Tech still has yet to locate an offense. At any rate the implications for the ACC and the national scene are unmistakable. BC needs a win over a top ten ranked team on the road to make it's case that their undefeated mark thus far is a legitimate record. VT is attempting to bury the painful memories of the drubbing they took in Baton Rouge during the season's early weeks in an effort to reestablish themselves in the BCS standings.

I will also go on record at this point to say I am a BC believer I do realize they have not necessarily blown away some of their weaker opponents like Notre Dame but they have one of the best QBs in the nation alongside the top run defense in college football. And until they lose a game, I am inclined to give them their due and their ranking. The biggest weakness is the pass defense but in terms of playing VT this is not a huge concern considering how inept the passing game has been in Blacksburg. BC has to be extra careful to (1) take care of the football and (2) execute on special teams. When VT beat Clemson they score 21 points from special teams and defense. "Beamer Ball" is infamous for squeezing points from kickoff/punt returns or blocked punts. And even if they do not get scores from the special teams the Hokies can end up with favorable field position to augment the struggling offense.

The weather tonight will not favor a well played game. Turnovers could be the deciding factor and perhaps the more intriguing battle since VT has a penchant for coming up with the big miscue and BC is 2nd nationally in turnover margin. It may very well come down to which team can hold onto a wet, slippery football in what is sure to be a hopping atmosphere at Lane Stadium. And while the crowd will be a factor, I think BC being an experienced football team can negate that.

Boston College 24 Virginia Tech 15