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ACC Football Week #9: Review

I know nothing, really nothing at all, except I was smarter than everyone else who fancies themselves football experts and backed Boston College on Thursday night.

Last Week: Boston College is not the real deal and should be replaced at #2 by one loss LSU

This Week: This looked to be true for 58 minutes then all of sudden Matt Ryan showed his Heisman/NFL prospect skills directing two drives into the end zone that had Lane Stadium silent. Based on the rankings BC beat the #8 team on the road which should be proof enough. Cue the "VT was overrated" talk.

Weeks 1-7: NC State, beset by injuries, is offensively inept since Daniel Evans can only do so much with a collapsing offensive line and they are basically running a third string RB with no serious receiving threats.

This Week: Perhaps not

Last Week: UVa might not win pretty or by much but they are 7-1 and given all the parity in college football they are as good as the next team.

This Week: NC State is apparently the next team which makes 7-2 look not so good.

Two Weeks Ago: UNC is the most excusable 2-5 team in the nation. The offense is very good, the defense is improving and the bye week should get them rested for the stretch run which should be good since they have begun playing so well.

This Week: Not so much

Weeks 1-7: UNC is playing competitive football and showing a lot of promise while NC State is a complete mess.

This Week: Vice versa which means November 10th should be a lot of fun.

Three Weeks Ago: Clemson is in a world of hurt. Tommy Bowden is toast for all intents and purposes.

This Week: James Davis guarantees the win and delivers though you have to wonder how close Clemson fans are to that point where they secretly hope their team loses just so they can push the coach out the door. Having been there last year, I can tell you, it is short trip.

All Season: No one cares about Duke

This Week: I have no new information on this particular point.

Two Weeks Ago: FSU starts Xavier Lee at QB

Last Week: FSU starts Xavier Lee at QB again, Drew Weatherford is nowhere to be found

Earlier This Week: Bobby Bowden names Lee the starter during the coaches conference call only to change it back to Weatherford 30 seconds later.

Saturday: Drew Weatheford does indeed start at QB and wears Duke out. Xavier Lee is nowhere to be found.

This Week's Scores:

Boston College 14 Virginia Tech 10
Wake Forest 37 UNC 10
NC State 29 UVa 24
Clemson 30 Maryland 17
Florida State 25 Duke 6

Record This Week: 4-1
Record This Season: 51-19