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AP Polling Surprises and Tell Me Again Why Tom O'Brien Left BC?

Take a step back to the day before the season started where I present you the following three teams in this order:

South Florida
Boston College

After presenting this list I tell you that these three teams are ranked in the first poll in October in this order. Where would you put them? In the 20's? Perhaps in the mid-teens?

How about 6th, 7th and 8th in the poll.

That's right. These three teams, one in their seventh season of Division I-A football, the second a consistent outside the top 10 team and the third a bona fide basketball school with minimal football success have cracked the upper tier of the poll and are presently ranked ahead of the following perennial powers: Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia Tech and Texas.

Speaking of BC, David Glenn at 850 the Buzz mentioned a few weeks back that the circumstances surrounding Tom O'Brien's departure from Boston College were fairly acrimonious. Given the team he left behind is looking at a possible ACC title and maybe their best record ever I would say the situation must have been akin to getting a root canal every day for four months. How else do you explain resigning from years of success that has culminated into arguably your best team ever to take the job at NC State who is having an absolutely horrendous season thus far. Yes, the Wolfpack will get better and may reach the same plateau where BC is at now. But in the present you can only assume O'Brien would rather eat ground glass than deal with Boston College one more season.