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Clemson Fans The Latest to Clamor For Paul Johnson

My regular readers know the story by now and that is a little over year ago I staked my position in favor of hiring Paul Johnson of Navy to be head coach at UNC. Obviously the Heels went in a different direction but since then that one post has seemingly become the definitive advocacy piece for anyone interested in hiring Johnson away from Navy. First it was Alabama and they were followed earlier this season by Virginia fans. Now, following the second straight loss for Clemson, the folks down in Death Valley are starting to throw names around and Paul Johnson is one of them. The interesting thing about this time around is not only are message boards linking the post but someone has actually gone blogging with their push to fire Tommy Bowden and replace him with Johnson. The blog is called Tigers for Paul Johnson and the author has pasted my entire treatise on there.

So the real question I have is if Chuck Neinas gets paid over $30,000 to find coaches for schools is there any chance I can get a cut from Johnson or his agent for providing all this positive PR?