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The Plot Thickens

As much as a plot about a secondary violation no one really cares about can thicken.

The Charlotte Observer, who broke the original story about UNC possibly violating a minor NCAA rule concerning contact by former players with visting recruits, brings us comments from Sean May and Raymond Felton. Here is the gist:

  • Sean May says he was not 100% sure of the rule and the conversations he had with Iman Shumpert were short. This is probably a good thing since Amy Herman is now saying that the rule did apply to May since he was only a part time student.
  • Raymond Felton denies talking to him altogether admitting Shumpert did see "us" but never got to talk to him. What is unclear here is whether Felton was a part of the pickup game Shumpert was involved in that allegedly included Felton, May and Marvin Williams.
  • Roy Williams has reminded everyone that talking to recruits is a no-no along with text messaging, calling after 8 PM and the use of Morse Code. The NCAA has yet to rule on the use of American Sign Language which may be permissible.

This will end up being nothing. Unfortunately, my vested interested in full disclosure compels me to point it out when it shows up in the media and the fact we are talking about the NCAA compels to deride the organization any chance I get.