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The Wisdom of Fools(10/1)

Last week during my ACC review I threw out various notions commonly held by the media and how they were either vastly wrong or greatly changed by the next game. Deadspin does this every week concerning pro football punditry calling is Sean Salisbury Wisdom. Alpha Wolf, proprietor of Red and White from State, coined the phrase N&O Wisdom along the same lines. In my ACC review this week I said perhaps the examination of these changing notions should be a regular feature on THF. And so it is. Each week I will examine the so called wisdom of the experts(and non-experts like myself) who turn out to be bigger fools than we would all care to admit.

Last Week: Clemson is the best team in the ACC

This Week: Clemson singlehandedly caused a rush to local Wal-Marts on Saturday night since their performance against Georgia Tech led many in South Carolina to believe it was November already and therefore time to begin Christmas shopping. Clemson is apparently allergic to the Top 10 since any time I have ever seen them get close under Tommy Bowden they lose the next game.

Last Week: Miami proved the Oklahoma game was just a hiccup and they are a very capable football team as the win of Texas A&M proved.

This Week: Actually the truth is somewhere in the middle of those two performances. How else do you explain only scoring 24 points on Duke when Navy scored 46 added to the fact you only win by 10 over the Devils at home.

Last Week: Maryland has huge QB issues and is a complete enigma.

This Week: About the same except they somehow went to Rutgers won which may say more about Rutgers than it does about Maryland.

Last Week: NC State have major offensive troubles centered on the offensive line.

This Week: The offensive line troubles for the Pack cannot be described without the use of graphic terms. Only scoring 10 points on a Louisville defense that gave up 42 to Middle Tenn State(102nd nationally in total offense) and 38 points to Syracuse(113th) is the textbook definition of being bad on offense.

Last Week: Ryan Houston is the solution to the UNC running game.

This Week: Houston still has a ways to go and what the heck got into Anthony Elzy? 71 yards on 11 carries? Can we please bottle whatever he was using and give it to the rest of the running backs? The mystery, which is the Heels' backfield, continues.

Last Week: Boston College's Matt Ryan has to be in the conversation for the Heisman Trophy.

This Week: Conversations about the Heisman Trophy will, from this point forward, make brief mention of Matt Ryan before moving on the other candidates, especially ones who put up serious numbers against a I-AA team ranked 73rd in their division in pass defense. 204 yards and only 24 points is a solid game against a defense like Georgia Tech not UMass.

Last Week: Florida State does not have the talent they once had and will continue to struggle to win despite coaching staff changes.

This Week: This might still be true but they have wins over Colorado and Alabama to hang their head dress on despite the fact they had to bring in Xavier Lee from the third spot on the depth chart to knock off the Crimson Tide.

Last Week: Nick Saban is the Prince of Darkness

This Week: Nick Saban only caused a minor shimmer on the TV this week possibly proving his powers have weakened much like his team.

Last Week: Tar Heel Fan had been pretty good in making his picks during the first four weeks.

This Week: THF should be fired from making picks and wait for basketball season since he obviously knows nothing about football.